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AI for Good: Lacuna Fund Grantees Make a Splash in Global Press

29 May 2024

Lacuna Fund – a Meridian project – brings the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) to low- and middle-income communities across the globe. It supports grantees in the domains of agriculture, language, health, and climate to create machine-learning datasets that serve urgent problems in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. These trailblazing grantees are creating openly accessible datasets that will reduce bias, increase accuracy, and ensure all communities are represented in data.

In the world beyond Lacuna Fund, grantees are doing amazing work. Explore the AI ecosystem that extends beyond Lacuna Fund and how so many grantees are making an impact on the global stage! Stay up to date on Lacuna Fund news and subscribe to their newsletter.

To Watch

AI as Our Mirror: Exploring Ourselves Through AI Empowerment | Vukosi Marivate | TEDxPretoria

With Lacuna Fund Steering Committee member, Vukosi Marivate

A scientist uses AI to give Africans control of their health

With Darlington Akogo (Lacuna Fund grantee and Technical Advisory Panel Member)

African AI Pioneers: Charting the Course for Innovation and Impact — Applied Machine Learning Days Panel Session

With Vukosi Marivate and Darlington Akogo 

To Read

Explore More

These organizations and initiatives are represented by several Lacuna Fund grantees and community members and are on the same mission to share the benefits of AI with all. If you want to learn more about this space, these are great Lacuna Fund-affiliated initiatives to check out!

  • Preserving African languages

    • Masakhane A grassroots NLP community for Africa, by Africans
    • Lelapa AI Building the best language models in Africa
    • Deep Learning Indaba Strengthening Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Africa
  • Democratizing Data

    • Zindi A global community of data scientists and organizations solving pressing global challenges with machine learning and data science
    • Democratizing data, for good
    • Mozilla Common Voice Making voice recognition open and accessible to everyone and teaching machines how real people speak