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Meridian Launches Global Food Systems Network Map

19 October 2023

Meridian Institute has launched the Global Food Systems Network Map! Explore it here:

The Global Food Systems Network Map is a powerful online tool designed to visually represent the relationships among stakeholders involved in food systems-related efforts worldwide. Given the varied and dynamic nature of global food systems, it is often challenging to track projects and partners. This Kumu map aims to alleviate these challenges by illustrating the landscape of multi-stakeholder initiatives working across food systems, including what issues these initiatives are working on and how they are driving change. The tool allows you to zoom into specific areas within the food system, and zoom out to identify connections, trends, and opportunities. This Network Map will help organizations working in food systems both identify opportunities for collaboration and gather insights on how to focus efforts and resources for maximum collective impact.

Learn more about how to navigate the Map here with these instructional videos:

Hear from two of the map’s creators on its importance: