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Podcast: Senior Partner Melissa Pinfield Featured in “Food 4 Transformation”

6 November 2023


Food 4 Transformation provides a platform for civil society, policy makers, the private sector, and researchers to share their views, and for experts from around the world to discuss issues related to rural development and sustainable agriculture.

In this podcast series, host Katie Gallus talks to government officials, scientists, civil society, and farmers around the world to discover solutions for fair incomes, healthy nutrition, and an intact environment.

Meridian Senior Partner, Melissa Pinfield, was recently featured in Episode 2 of Food 4 Transformation’s podcast: “A Multi-Billion-Dollar Opportunity”. Listen below:

In the episode: While public support to agriculture amounts to more than 800 billion dollars a year, today’s food systems still seem ill-equipped for our 21st-century challenges. But why is that? In the second episode we unravel the hidden costs behind our groceries, from the environmental impact of agricultural production to inefficient subsidies. Join us, as we explore the potential of redirecting public funds toward a more effective and sustainable solution. In this episode Katie Gallus talks to Melissa Pinfield (Senior Partner at Meridian Institute and Executive Director of the Just Rural Transition Initiative), Charlotte Peters (farm owner), Dr. David Laborde (Director, Agrifood economics division at FAO), and Jacob Nyirongo (Chief Executive Officer, Farmer Union of Malawi).