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Calling All Food Systems Game Changers

10 May 2021

Think about the last three meals you had. Beyond the supermarket or restaurant, can you identify where your food came from?

For most of us, the answer is no. Food systems are complex, and it’s hard to understand the journey from farm to plate as a consumer. Yet food is an integral part of our economies, environment, health, cultures, and more. Global food systems impact our health, our planet, and billions of people’s livelihoods around the world.

Our food systems face daunting challenges — a growing population, climate change, social inequities, and public health vulnerabilities, to name just a few. To build a just and resilient world where no one is left behind, we need innovative, collaborative solutions that transform our food systems and feed our global population in sustainable, equitable ways.

That’s where the Food Systems Game Changers Lab comes in.

In partnership with EAT, OpenIDEO, The Rockefeller Foundation, Thought For Food, and many others, Meridian has launched a new challenge that invites you to be part of a movement and join a global community of system “solvers” who want to build a better food future. The first-of-its-kind Food Systems Game Changers Lab is an invitation to individuals, teams, institutions, companies, and cooperatives everywhere to bring their ideas, initiatives, or innovations for food systems change forward in partnership with others. Select ideas will be featured in a flagship publication and matched with potential implementation partners or investors alongside the 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS). Top submitters will gain access to resources, customized curricula, partnerships, and more, enabling them to translate their ideas into transformative action.

This is a call to action for those with hands in the soil, pans on the stove, and everyone in between to help transform the planet.

The Food Systems Game Changers Lab is designed to support the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit, but its impact will live on far beyond the Summit this fall. We invite you to learn more and submit a game-changing idea here by May 25. If you are interested in judging solution submissions or mentoring cohorts working on solution areas you care about, you can also volunteer to be a judge or mentor by completing this form.

Without novel, global cooperation, we will never achieve food systems transformation at the scale needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and solve our pressing global challenges. Help us drive change together through the Food Systems Game Changers Lab.

Get Involved

Learn more about the Food Systems Game Changers Lab and submit your game-changing idea here.