Indonesia Marine Funders Collaboration

Indonesia is blessed with unmatched marine biodiversity, a resource that supports communities and diverse industries. But these unique seascapes are under threat from overfishing and climate change, making their protection an urgent priority.

Interested donors recognize the importance of Indonesian marine conservation and sustainable fisheries—as well as the potential for inefficient duplication of effort and competition. A group of U.S. funders saw an opportunity to align their grantmaking strategies,  improving coordination and collaboration among grantees. To do this, they established the Indonesia Marine Funders Collaboration (IMFC) and hired Meridian to serve as their secretariat.

Over 12 funders participate in the IMFC, with a core group of four supporting the most extensive grantmaking in Indonesia. Effective fisheries management and marine biodiversity conservation are priority endeavors, and no single entity or sector possesses the financial means to respond to these complex challenges alone. The core funders in the IMFC plan to invest ~$77 million in Indonesia’s coastal resources between 2018 and 2020 to support coordinated, sustainable management of Indonesia’s resources.

With a proven track record of providing high-quality philanthropic support services—coupled with a strategic understanding of the players, political context, and the substantive issues—Meridian has proven to be an effective secretariat. We help the IMFC develop strategic priorities and workplans, engage critical partners, and support implementation. 

IMFC activities include: 

  • planning and facilitating an annual meeting of funders
  • supporting biennial grantee convenings focused on learning
  • coordinating research activities
  • helping the IMFC pursue strategic priorities

As the IMFC cultivates collaborative solutions—both within its membership and among grantees—the Indonesian marine NGO community is making important progress to improve the health of the country’s oceans and coastal communities.