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International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA)

Meridian is the fiscal sponsor and secretariat of International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA), supporting a growing organization to refine its strategy, strengthen its operations, and engage a global collective of member wineries working to standardize GHG emissions reporting and decarbonize the wine industry.

Grapevines are extremely sensitive to temperature, making them one of the agricultural crops most vulnerable to climate change. Climate change is affecting where, when, how, and even if wine grapes can be grown, putting the future of the sector at risk. The wine sector is not just affected by climate change; it also plays a contributing role through its greenhouse gas emissions.

International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA) was founded in 2019 to tackle these issues—mobilizing wineries across the globe to raise awareness about the climate crisis in the wine sector and to take action to eliminate their greenhouse gas emissions. IWCA has a global presence with dozens of member and applicant wineries across nearly every continent. In 2021, the IWCA Board of Directors chose Meridian to serve as its fiscal sponsor and secretariat.

As IWCA’s fiscal sponsor, Meridian manages back-office operations for a growing global membership organization. Meridian collects applicant fees and member dues, contracts with consultants and vendors, handles finance management and reporting, and manages the annual filing for IWCA’s nonprofit status.

As IWCA’s secretariat, Meridian plays a critical strategic and facilitation role—helping IWCA grow from a nascent coalition of wineries into a robust, expanding force for action. Our secretariat role is multifaceted and nimble. Meridian has helped IWCA build a stronger institutional backbone by developing standardized operational processes, facilitating decision making, and troubleshooting organizational management challenges. We have helped IWCA refine its short- and long-term strategic priorities, strengthen its greenhouse gas accounting standards, and communicate its vision for the global wine industry. We also directly engage IWCA’s member wineries to maintain an active membership and foster bottom-up ownership of IWCA’s mission. Moreover, we plan and facilitate IWCA engagement including Board of Directors, membership, and working group meetings. Bolstered by a skilled secretariat and energized by dozens of committed wineries, IWCA has become the leading global movement for climate action in the wine sector.

Project Team

Learn more about the team that leads the International Wineries for Climate Action project.