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Resilient Power Project

As natural disasters and power outages become increasingly prevalent across the U.S., Meridian is helping to develop clean, reliable power solutions for vulnerable communities and critical community facilities.

The Resilient Power Project advances climate mitigation and adaptation by driving market development of solar and storage systems—specifically, photovoltaics and batteries—to provide resilient power during disasters. With our partner, Clean Energy Group, Meridian helps create the supportive policy and funding structures to accelerate the adoption of reliable clean energy in vulnerable communities that need it most. To date, the project has led to over 130 solar and storage installations in U.S. schools, shelters, and hospitals.

In order to better respond to power emergencies, affordable housing developers, state and federal agencies, foundations, clean energy companies, and environmental justice advocates needed a platform to explore how solar and storage systems could improve energy resilience. As a trusted third-party bridge-builder, Meridian brought these groups together to develop new policies, financial incentives, and other tools. The resulting interventions ensure that vulnerable communities benefit from the same technological advances as corporations.

To date, the Resilient Power Project has helped critical infrastructure owners migrate away from diesel generators and address the dangerous impacts of power outages. We have also explored how solar and storage systems can provide reliable backup power to electricity-dependent home health recipients. Now, those that are hit hardest by natural disasters and loss of power—including the sick, the poor, and the elderly— are reaping the benefits of increased resilience and reduced energy costs.

Project Team

Learn more about the team that leads the Resilient Power Project.