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The Global Platform for the New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF)

In its leadership role with the New York Declaration on Forests, Meridian supports governments, companies, civil society, and indigenous peoples striving to end deforestation by 2030—and make significant strides in mitigating carbon dioxide emissions.

The New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF) is a partnership of over 200 governments, multinational companies, civil society organizations, and indigenous peoples that are working to end deforestation by 2030. The NYDF is organized around ten goals that, if achieved, would reduce annual global carbon dioxide emissions by an amount equal to that of the entire United States. 

Meridian, the United Nations Development Programme, and Climate Advisers act as the NYDF Global Platform Secretariat,  supporting NYDF endorsers as they strive to achieve the ambitious NYDF goals. The NYDF Assessment Partners, led by Climate Focus, track annual progress made towards the goals.

Supporting the NYDF endorsers requires bringing together many different stakeholder groups—all of which have different needs and priorities, but share a common goal to protect the world’s forests. Meridian and our Secretariat partners help the endorsers build new partnerships, where they can share knowledge and best practices. We also connect the NYDF with other international forest initiatives and facilitate NYDF events on the sidelines of major summits and conferences. 

We are currently guiding the group as it takes a fresh look at its goals with 2020 deadlines, ensuring that the partners are on track to meet them. Much has been accomplished and learned since the NYDF was launched, and much remains to be done in the lead-up to 2030. 

Project Team

Learn more about the team that leads the Global Platform for the New York Declaration on Forests project.