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Same Mission, New Chapter

We are thrilled to unveil Meridian’s refreshed new brand! Though our brand has evolved, our identity remains unchanged. We are dedicated to helping people collaborate effectively to address complex challenges.

We’ve come a long way since Meridian was founded in 1997. As individuals and as an organization, we’ve evolved—and  we thought it was time that our logo and website did, too. 

At Meridian, we value innovation, collaboration, and connectivity. We are defined by our role as bridge-builders around the world. That’s why we opted to retain aspects of our visual identity—such as our iconic globe logo—with a fresh spin. 

A lot of hard work and deliberation went into defining our new brand. Throughout the creative process, we kept several ideas in mind: 

1. Global Reach: We create positive impact for people around the world, facilitating groundbreaking new collaborations. Our new brand acknowledges our vast networks.

2. Kinetic Movement: The issues we work on are highly dynamic. As a result, we have mastered the art of adaptability. Our new globe logo, with its nod towards energetic movement, reflects that.

3. Human-Centered Design: We care about improving the way people interact with each other. Our website’s enhanced user accessibility will improve the way people connect with us in an increasingly digital world.

Our new logo features a system of converging lines, representing the partnerships we build and the interdependencies between the issues we work on. Where the lines meet, the nodes of connection symbolize the moments of agreement we create within complex and controversial issues.

We’re still the same team, working hard to help people solve problems effectively and efficiently. Now, we’re just doing it in style!

Our rebranding captures an exciting period of evolution for Meridian. Over the years, we’ve found a distinct niche: helping people collaborate to address complex challenges and find new solutions where humans, nature, and the economy can thrive. Our new brand reflects our commitment to this important mission.
Todd Barker
Senior Partner and Practice Director, Meridian Institute

We’ve come a long way!

Meridian has always stayed true to one reason for being: connecting people to solve problems. In pursuit of that mission, we’ve accomplished some great things over the years.

We want to hear from you!

What do you think of our new brand? We would love to hear your feedback.