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Meridian Facilitates Initiative for Mexico’s Oceans and Coasts Council Meeting

24 January 2024

Meridian supported the Constituent Council meeting of the Initiative for México’s Oceans and Coasts (Iniciativa por los Mares y las Costas de México) in Mexico City. Meridian has provided strategic advice, facilitation, and program management support to the Initiative since 2017, which now operates in two Mexican states (Yucatán and Baja California Sur) and works on public policy at the regional and national level.

The purpose of the convening was to reflect on the initiative’s achievements in building local resilience and empowering multi-stakeholder platforms to advance integrated ocean and coastal management in México. The Meridian team traveled to Mexico City to facilitate the convening of government, civil society, foundations, and fishing communities who are members of the Council. The team also presented a new governance and administrative proposal for 2024 that focuses on expanding diversity and inclusion in decision-making processes and building local capacity for the initiative.

Case Study: Initiative for Mexico’s Oceans and Coasts – Meridian Institute