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Meridian Institute helps our partners work together effectively to address critical societal issues—the more complex and controversial, the better.


Meridian Institute helps our partners work together effectively to address critical societal issues—the more complex and controversial, the better. We design collaborative problem-solving processes that engage the right people, supporting pivotal conversations with data and analysis.

Whether it’s a one-time meeting or a series of convenings, we tailor our approach to account for the specific issues under consideration—as well as the people, power dynamics, and political context that surround them. We provide facilitation, mediation, logistical support, and project management services to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Our team manages both the big picture and the details, producing results that move the needle on the issues at hand.

To complement our in-person offerings, we also have extensive expertise in online collaboration; we’re constantly honing our virtual tools and processes, helping our partners build connections and thrive in a dynamic global context.

Design and Facilitation

We bring people together to define and solve problems of mutual interest. Our engagements range from unique workshops to in-depth, multi-meeting efforts that take place over months or years. We also offer expert logistical, administrative, and graphic facilitation support, allowing our partners to focus on outcomes.

Virtual Convening

Meaningful virtual collaboration demands more than replicating an in-person meeting online. We tailor our unique processes and facilitation in order to foster connection and problem-solving in a digital context. Our skill in the technical side of virtual convenings is paired with careful consideration for each event’s objectives—and what’s needed to achieve them. Our offerings include online panels, breakout sessions, streaming keynote speakers in different languages, virtual workspaces, and creative interactive tools that support feedback and personal interaction. We help our partners respond to a rapidly changing world—whether they wish to limit travel due to climate change concerns or protect our shared communities in response to emerging threats like COVID-19.


We build and support groups pursuing collective impact. Our partners are focused on achieving shared objectives, such as coalition building and policy change.

Backbone Support

We recognize that strong backbone support at the early stages of a project is critical to its potential impact. We’re adept in helping diverse groups form a collective vision, establish governance procedures, and develop operating norms. We focus on building ownership and a shared sense of responsibility within each group as its efforts mature and evolve.

Consensus Building

We are experienced in the art and science of consensus building. We help clients and participants share information, build trust, identify shared objectives, come to agreement, and take action together.


Within our consensus-building work, we often rely on our mediation expertise to resolve specific issues between partners.  We effortlessly (and often invisibly) move between our roles as facilitators and mediators, working through problems as they arise without disrupting the flow of the overall process.

Systems-Centered Design & Collaboration

We are actively merging the leading edge of human-centered design with our decades of expertise in systems change, collaboration, and network development. Though this systems-centered approach, we are driving learning and action in support of innovation across our interconnected areas of practice.

Public Engagement

As a trusted third party, we are well-positioned to solicit input and feedback from the public and targeted stakeholders to inform decision-making.

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