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We work along the full spectrum of problem solving, providing implementation support in service of real-world impact.


We’re experts in guiding our partners toward consensus, but we don’t stop there. We work along the full spectrum of problem solving, providing implementation support in service of real-world impact. This work involves developing implementation plans, forming and supporting coalitions for policy change, establishing partnerships, providing strategic communications support, and incubating new initiatives and institutions. 

Our sister 501(c)4 organization, the Meridian Implementation Fund, provides political lobbying and advocacy to advance legislation in support of the transformative ideas that our work generates.

Secretariat Services and Backbone Support

Often, our work in leading people to shared goals results in independent organizations, coalitions, and committees. Our secretariat services include everything from supporting daily operations (including facilitation, communication, financial management, and coordination) to helping execute strategic or policy goals.

Institution-Building and Incubation

When a partner group sees a need for a permanent way to collaborate, we guide them through the development of organizational plans, including business plans and legal articles of incorporation. We often serve as the institutional home for new entities until they’ve secured sustainable funding and permanent staff. This includes providing financial services for nascent institutions.

Policy Advocacy and Coalitions

We don’t want to see the hard work of our partners sit on a shelf and gather dust. Instead, we work with our partners  to advocate for reform by supporting ongoing engagement and consultation, strategic communications, and other activities.


Our sister organization, the 501(c)4 Meridian Implementation Fund, lobbies and advocates on behalf of our clients and partners in service of policy outcomes that reflect the consensus they’ve developed. We are not a lobbying firm, but we are experienced in bringing new voices into policy conversations alongside lobbyists in order to create the outcomes our partners seek.

Strategic Communications

We help our partners develop messages to influence key decision makers and audiences. We help groups craft effective messaging that aligns with their strategic goals. Working with trusted, policy-savvy communications consultants, we create and shape talking points, press releases, and other communications materials.

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