Why Meridian

For over twenty years, Meridian has helped our partners solve the problems that shape our world. Our track record sets us apart—and so does our unique approach.

At Meridian, we recognize that our interconnected world is becoming more complex every day. The questions before us rarely have straightforward answers, and the challenges that shape our future often involve people and organizations who approach problems from different perspectives. These problems demand a trusted third party that can produce tangible results by convening the right people, asking the right questions, making the right connections, and creating a shared path forward.

That’s where we come in. We help people and organizations solve problems with an innovative approach that brings together three distinctive elements:

  • our nuanced understanding of the issues we face, including the people, politics, and power dynamics that surround them
  • our dedicated, expert team
  • our ability to foster constructive discussions, manage decisions, and support actions that shape the world for the better 

We’re more than facilitators; we’re experienced guides that help our partners navigate the complex questions, context, and implications that affect the issues they wish to address. Regardless of subject area, we recognize tensions, understand layers of meaning, and hold multiple viewpoints in mind as we lead people to common ground. We focus on five key services: 

  • collaboration
  • strategy
  • research
  • implementation
  • philanthropic support

We bring these services to bear in a unique way for every problem we face. And, of course, we’re always mindful that conditions can change quickly—we stay up-to-date in relevant fields, ready to adapt and evolve in tandem with the issues at hand.  

Our Values

We honor the unique nature of each partnership.

We don’t use one-size-fits-all approaches or pursue predetermined outcomes.

We ensure that all voices are heard.

We see ourselves as co-creators of an environment that brings solutions to light.

We meet people—and problems—where they are.

We don’t make assumptions; we take the time to ask questions, listen with empathy, and understand different perspectives.

Meridian skillfully combines knowledge of the issues, understanding of socio-political dynamics, and mediation expertise to help diverse parties reach durable agreements.
Dr. Robin K. White
Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, Global Resilience Institute, Northeastern University

Our Story

As a mission-driven, nonprofit consultancy, Meridian has helped our clients and partners take action to address complex problems for over two decades.

In 1997, our five founding partners came together in Dillon, CO to form an organization that initially focused on conflicts related to land, air, and water. The name “Meridian” pays homage to our global reach, as well as the connections we make between people and issues in service of meaningful change. 

Today, we have offices in Washington, D.C. and the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and our team serves clients around the world. We specialize in systemic, interconnected problems that require bridges between different people and issues. Our founding focus on sustainability built the foundation for our current work on forests, ocean policy, climate change, and energy. Opportunities for positive impact in areas such as disaster risk reduction, resilience, and public health widened our scope over time. 

Since our founding, Meridian has been driven by our passion for transformative change. We create that change by helping people work together: establishing and strengthening trust, driving collaborative decision-making, and supporting implementation. Across issues, boundaries, and systems, our work is a foundation for common ground—and a catalyst for powerful impact.